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SiteGround Hosting – Product Review

I’ve been using siteground hosting (‘GoGeek’ plan) for about 3 years and can stand behind my recommendation 100%, because … they are simply the very best hosting company that I have ever used … and believe me, I’ve had some bad experiences in the past with hosting providers that promise a lot, but ultimately fall short. However, siteground has never disappointed me. They have a good selection of pricing plans to offer, so if this is your first time hosting a website or you’ve been doing this for years, siteground has a plan that will suit your needs. Plus, one of their very best features is their excellent customer support. No matter what hosting company you use, there will come a time when you will need some help and siteground are very, very good at helping you via prompt email support, or my favorite, ‘one to one’ live chat with one of their extremely knowledgeable support staff.

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SiteGround Hosting Review

I migrated my website to SiteGround’s GoGeek hosting in January 2015.

In the past, I have used ‘Brain Host’ – Disaster! changed over to NetRegistry … and then to NetOrigin (Australian), but … eventually, after many problems, I moved everything to the siteground hosting’s ‘GoGeek’ plan which is semi-dedicated hosting and roughly 4x faster than the ‘StartUp’ plan. That is the biggest difference between GoGeek and their other shared hosting plans – the amount of server resources you get which is the main factor when it comes to hosting and site speed. So this means that your website will load faster with the higher plans.

You can see a StartUp vs. GrowBig vs. GoGeek comparison chart on siteground’s features page which also shows you the extra server resources you get under the “we allocate the resources you need” section. But I will go over these in features later in this review. With the ‘GoGeek’ plan, you basically get more server resources, 1-click staging to create demo websites, 10GB more storage than ‘GrowBig’ … and the siteground support staff will restore your website for you if at some stage you should need a full site restore.

I do honestly believe that the ‘GoGeek’ plan is awesome for those who want super faster hosting for just $14.95/month. (Please note that this price was accurate at the time this was posted)

SiteGround Hosting ‘GoGeek’ Plan – Features

  • Yes, I Currently Use The ‘GoGeek’ Plan
  • Semi-Dedicated Hosting = 4x Faster
  • Create Demo Websites With 1-Click Staging
  • Backup/Restore Service By siteground Support
  • Let’s Encrypt + Wildcard SSL With PCI Compliance
  • StartUp vs. GrowBig vs. GoGeek Comparison Chart
  • Priority Support: Tickets are Usually Answered Within 15 Minutes

I Currently Use The ‘GoGeek’ Plan

…and I only write reviews about things that I have actually used … and only for products that I am personally very happy with.

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Semi-Dedicated Hosting = 4x Faster

If you look at siteground’s features page under “we allocate the resources you need” you’ll see that as you upgrade plans you also get about 2x the amount of server resources. GoGeek has the highest amount of server resources and is about 4x faster than lower shared hosting plans.

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12 Reasons Why siteground ‘GoGeek’ Is So Good

  •  More server resources (equals faster websites)
  • You can host multiple websites with priority support
  • You get higher limits on your storage, database, and email
  • You can create a staging site so you can ‘test before launch’
  • SiteGround support will restore your site for you if a disaster happens
  • You can get a pre-installed Git which allows you to create repositories
  • You can use their PCI compliance to help prevent credit card fraud
  • 30 daily backups, automatic updates, free domain, and hosting migration assistance
  • Actual 99.99% uptimes with quick (priority) support from great people
  • NGINX servers, SSD drives, 4 data centers, Cloudflare and other speed technology
  • Security protection from a team who constantly updates servers during new threats
  • Pay as little as $14.95 per month (‘GoGeek’ Plan) … for simply awesome hosting

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Create ‘Test Sites” with 1-Click Staging Tool

The siteground Staging tool (included in the ‘GoGeek’ plan) is designed to provide wordpress and Joomla users with an ‘easy-to-use’ way to create and manage development copies of their websites. You don’t need to make experiments on your own site that your visitors will see or even break your site while you are testing a new feature – this is the right tool to use for developing new features before going live. This is especially nice for testing changes that may be risky and break your site.

“Cowboy coding” is a term for all developers and designers that make changes of their websites on the live environment. Eventually, everyone makes mistakes and in such case you really hope you have a backup. Don’t be a cowboy coder, use the siteground Staging environment!


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Backup/Restore Service By siteground Support

The siteground ‘GoGeek’ plan comes with 30 daily backups, a free backup & restoration tool, and you can even ask siteground’s support team to restore your site from a backup if you feel you need their help. If you’re not comfortable with restoring your website to an earlier version, but you want a reliable team who can just in case something happens, you now have that luxury with the ‘GoGeek’ plan.

Let’s Encrypt + Wildcard SSL With PCI Compliance

If you need hosting for an eCommerce site …  the ‘GoGeek’ plan comes with features that the ‘StartUp’ and ‘GrowBig’ plans don’t have; including a free Let’s Encrypt SSL, Wildcard SSL (for use on subdomains), and PCI compliance for safer credit card processing … and siteground supports most major shopping carts.


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Comparison Chart for the ‘StartUp’ – ‘GrowBig’ and the ‘GoGeek’ Plans

A full comparison of SiteGround’s shared hosting plans can be found at:

SiteGround Features:

  • Backups
  • Automatic updates
  • Free domain + email
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • Free hosting migration
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • Security + spam prevention
  • SSD (solid state drives) for speed
  • Servers on 3 continents for speed
  • NGINX servers, HTTP/2, PHP7, HHVM

GoGeek Features:

Priority Support: Tickets Usually Answered Within 10 Minutes

SiteGround’s ‘GrowBig’ and ‘GoGeek’ plans both come with priority support where tickets are usually answered within 10 minutes … or, you can call siteground and speak with them instantly. Over the years I’ve had just a few issues on my sites that I needed to contact support about and they were always very helpful and had the answers to fix my problems, …which were usually the result of something that I had broken myself. And don’t worry about asking a stupid question … they are very helpful no matter what your level of expertise.

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Speed: SG Optimizer Caching Tool

If you’re running wordpress and want your site loading as fast as possible, you can use siteground’s caching plugin (SG Optimizer) included in the siteground ‘GoGeek’ Plan

SG Optimizer from <a href=siteground" width="957" height="325">


  • Semi-dedicated servers are much faster than regular shared
  • More server resources mean less chance of CPU overages
  • Priority support means tickets are answered immediately
  • Premium backup + restore service done is by siteground support
  • Includes eCommerce features like Wildcard SSL + PCI compliance
  • Very reasonable price for what you get


  • Pricing is expensive for some
  • In-house caching good, but there are better options out there, but you will have to pay for them (recommendation: Viper Cache)
  • Premium SSL’s can be expensive after the free 1 year


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