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What is Google SEO

Essentially, the purpose of all websites is the same; they all want to welcome more visitors. When you reach more visitors, you can offer your services and products to more people or increase your advertising revenues. To make this goal a reality, Google SEO will make up the bulk of your traffic as the most compassionate hug. While making SEO do not forget to track your SERP positions with AvesAPI.

All internet users in the world and in our country never benefit from a single search engine. Everyone has different habits and these habits continue on the internet. Although there is a fluctuating graphic climate around the world, Google provides 94 percent of the organic traffic (traffic obtained from search engines) of the websites in our country. SEO; Although Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimization is a broad term, the primary goal is to achieve successful rankings on Google with Google SEO. So what exactly is Google SEO?

What is Google SEO Content?

Google SEO:  To make our site the most beneficial for users with some technical improvements to reach more users and to act in line with Google’s suggestions. In short, what is meant by 94 percent of the content you see on the Web under the heading SEO is actually Google SEO.

Target Audience Selection in Google and Values ​​for Google?

There are different reasons why we target Google. Google is the most popular search engine in our country and worldwide. In addition, Google is strong enough to generate 94 percent of your site’s visitor base if we are successful in your SEO efforts. When we consider the long-term return, the return on any advertising investment is not as high as SEO.

Google Search Engine Optimization

Google Search Engine, including in particular in Turkey and the world, Google Search Engine Optimization for market share is Denar 90% of the rate of a sector owners.

Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tools

You Can Find Google SEO Tools In Many Areas Such As Google Web Master Tools, Google Page Speed, Structured Data Testing Tool.

What does Google SEO do?

“If you want to hide a body where no one can find it, bury it on page 2 of Google. Don’t worry, nobody can find it there. ” – Anonymous

This fancy saying by an anonymous SEO Consultant; It is highly valuable for your business, brand or blog. Although it may seem like a simple irony, we cannot deny the great truth of this quotation. Technically, if you commit a murder, we don’t know how you will succeed in burying the body on the second page, but if you do, you can be sure that no one will see it.

  • 32.5 percent of users doing a Google search prefer to click on the first result. The site in second place has a click-through rate of 17.6 percent. The chance of a result in the 7th position on the page to be clicked is only 3.5 percent. Think of the second page…

In the light of this important data, we can easily figure out why Google SEO is inevitable for a website. The more our site is in love with the search results, the lower the traffic it will catch. Likewise, the higher our site is, the higher the number of users we will embrace with compassion.

If you are looking for clearer answers to the question of what Google SEO does, here are some other advantages you will get:

  • Organic SEO: You get completely organic visitors to your site
  • Search Engines: Visitors who reach your site from search engines show higher interaction than visitors to your site with ads.  This is why the SEO industry is a huge $ 65 billion industry.
  • SEO Prices: Unlike CPC and other advertising models, SEO is free. When you achieve successful rankings, you do not have to make separate payments each time as if you were taxed.
  • Keywords: Your appearance in certain keywords draws the attention of potential customers and gives your brand a vote of trust.
  • Customer Audience: It influences the purchasing decision of your potential customers and increases your brand awareness.
  • Branding: The investment return rate (ROI) you can make for your brand is one of the highest and profitable investments.

How to Google SEO?

Google SEO work is done with comprehensive internal and external optimizations. Work begins on your site first. Technically, your site is checked for compliance with the instructions of search engines and everything is made to match the description of the search engines. It is obvious that Google wants from a website. To understand this, it is enough to take a look at the Webmaster Guides, but to follow all the instructions it is necessary to apply what you understand. Technical knowledge is required at this stage. If you want to make your site fully compliant with Google SEO, you need to go under the hood and get your hands dirty.

First, a logical category system must be created, starting with the contents in the internal structure of the site. Then landing pages and content need to be optimized in line with SEO guidelines. Once these have been taken care of, the full technical part of your site should be overhauled. Google likes websites that stand out with their internet standards and are far from coding mistakes. In order for your site to appeal to all users, regardless of mobile or web, it must be fast. An active Cache system should be used, HTML and CSS resources and images inside the site should be optimized. In addition to these, the On-Page SEO process is terminated with a number of other technical studies.

Imagine you are the most handsome man or the most beautiful woman in the world. Are these qualities alone enough to find the love of your life?

Of course not! Just as being beautiful and handsome is not enough to find the love of your life,  only on-page SEO optimizations will not be enough for a site to rank first in Google. You need a factor to tell others about your beauty or good looks. In such situations, people benefit from communication. Google continues this communication with the help of links. Thanks to the links in the internet world, it evaluates a website and determines how popular or reliable it is.

To make the website authoritative in the eyes of Google,  a successful link profile must be created. The stage where the SEO of the site will be supported with the help of creating a link profile and high-value backlinks is Off-Page SEO. Thanks to off-site SEO, Google realizes that you are worth talking about by other people. The next step for Google will be to come to your page with crawl bots to discover your beauty or good looks.

Google SEO training

If you want to do SEO for Google, you should know that you will have competitors in every industry. In order to make your site stand out from your competitors, you need to be knowledgeable about SEO from your competitors and act with the right strategies. Successful SEO Experts and SEO Consultants can bring your site to top rankings in the short term. Of course, sometimes you may want to take your hands on the stone and see your own business. Then you can try to do your own SEO by taking Google SEO training, learning the intricacies of this job.

Google SEO training is not given in academies created by Google itself, but many educational institutions offer certified SEO training. To get a successful education, you have to do a lot of research and learn from a truly proven educational institution. After your SEO training, you may have the theoretically necessary knowledge, but all of these may not be enough for success. SEO studies require experience and competence as well as technical knowledge. You can only understand them by signing SEO studies. If someone tells you how the car works and how to use it, it will not make you a good driver. To be a good driver, you have to take the steering wheel into your own hands.

Google SEO Prices

We can talk about many factors that determine Google SEO prices. The first and foremost factor is the targeted sector or keywords. Some keywords have low competition while others are high. The industry and keywords are of great importance in determining the content of Google SEO work. A large number of backlinks will need to be generated naturally in order to be successful in areas with high competition. Getting all these links will also increase your costs.

Apart from these, criteria such as the technical optimizations to be applied on the page are the other most important factor in price. Some customers’ web pages may be suitable for SEO in terms of internal structure. Or the working load may not be as great as expected. In such cases, the desired rankings can be achieved only with off-site SEO work. Another factor that is effective in terms of price is the agency and the success of the agency you plan to work in.

Successful agencies have proven themselves with solid references. Considering that success in a practical applied field such as SEO is never guaranteed, it is possible that the agency taking the risk will charge a high price by considering its experience. Some agencies may also charge a fixed price to maintain their success. Still, don’t be intimidated. When compared to comprehensive advertising campaigns, SEO studies are suitable for the budget of every business, and the price is determined as a result of all these criteria.

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