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Solo Ads: Vendor Selection Process


When you run a Solo Ad, you simply tap into someone else’s prebuilt e-mail list and send your ad in e-mail form to their list in order to build your own list and promote your offer … and of course, MAKE SOME MONEY!

Get Extremely High-Quality Traffic with Solo Ads

When it comes to getting extremely high-quality traffic, without all the complicated stuff, Solo Ads ARE the way to go (if you do them correctly). When you run a Solo Ad, you simply tap into someone else’s prebuilt e-mail list and send your ad in e-mail form to their list in order to build your own.

Example: Bob doesn’t have a list, but Jim does. With a Solo Ad, Bob simple pays Jim to send HIS CAPTURE PAGE (Bobs) out to Jim’s list. Then when people who are on Jim’s list open and click, they get sent to Bobs capture, and when a certain percentage of people opt-in, Bob begins to grow his list.

As you can see, it’s ALL about who you know (knowing the right “Jims” of the world), and there’s nothing complicated about it. Again, it all comes down to knowing how to select the correct Solo Ad vendor (how to find Jim) in order to get high-quality traffic to your website FAST.

Selecting the correct vendors to purchase clicks from in your Solo Ad marketing is one of the most important steps that will either make or break the profitability of your Solo Ad marketing.

Here’s my exact vendor selection process that I follow in ordering EVERY Solo Ad which allows me to have a competitive advantage and make my Solo Ad marketing profitable:

Solo Ad Training: The Vendor Selection Process

1. Make sure that Solo Ad providers have a Sales Page for their Solos with GOOD TESTIMONIALS. Look for testimonials from people who have gotten 35%+ Optin rates, with some of the testimonials saying they’ve gotten sales.

2. Sources to get Solo Ads:


  •  Skype Groups
  • Udimi Solo Ads
  • Facebook groups. Search for these groups in your Facebook Search Bar:

Solo Ads Sales Testimonials
Solo Ads and Adswaps
Solo Ads Secret Society
Solo Ad Providers

3. Ask for at least 80% Top Tier Traffic… Traffic That Comes From The Top 5 English speaking countries, U.S, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, United Kingdom. People from these counties statistically buy the most IM stuff.

4. Check for a picture or video of themselves on their Sales page. When there is a picture or video of themselves, it’s less likely that they are a scammer.

5. Once again, read a lot of testimonials, and be on guard when people talk about 70% – 80% Optin rates… look for realistic numbers… I.E. 30%-50% Optin Rates and 1 or 2 sales.

6. Double check with each provider that they’re going to be sending to their own in-house list. No exit pop-up traffic, No traffic exchanges, No click rotators, and No Safelists, No Brokered lists.

7. Connect with the provider personally through Skype or Facebook, never just buy directly from the sales page without talking with them. I prefer Skype because it’s easy to complete the transaction quickly.

8. Questions to ask them:

1. Can you send using my swipe copy? (Only purchase from vendors who say they will use your swipe copy).
2. Again, ask for 85% Top Tier Traffic. If they say 75%, that’s ok… But ideally 80%+
3. Ask when the last time was that they sent for offer xyz (your offer)? Look for people who haven’t sent for it for at least 2-3 weeks.
4. How long will it take you to deliver? Look for 72 hours TOPS.

9. Pricing: How much do you charge per click? Ask for .20% under what they reply, and don’t go above .70 CPC (Cost Per Click) for top-tier traffic. Whatever their initial price is, negotiate, and try to get it lowered by 15%-20%.

10. After you’ve found a vendor who matches all the criteria listed above, buy a 200 click package to test and double check responsiveness. I buy 200 clicks, because if your capture page is converting at 40%-50%, that will give me 80-100 leads. With 80-100 leads coming through my funnel, I want at-least 1 sale. When I see those numbers, 40%-50% opt-in rates, and a sale from 80-100 leads, its time to scale.

11. Scaling: The main thing to remember is not to rush the scaling process. Scale from 200 clicks to 300 clicks, and look for the same numbers in relative percentages. Look for 40%-50% opt-in rates, and at least one sale from every 80-100 leads added that come through your funnel. If your numbers continue to stay consistent across the board, continue to scale.

The key with Solo Ads is to find 5-10 providers who will send high-quality clicks that you can consistently go back to and purchase from on a monthly basis. Right now I get almost all of my traffic from about 5 vendors who I know will send high-quality traffic that will convert on a consistent basis.

To track your Solo Ads, I recommend using ClickMagick, a software that will allow you to not only track total amount of clicks sent, but also conversions, and what % of Top Tier Traffic that the vendors sent. It’s by far the most complete tracking software available in Internet Marketing, a profession where tracking is everything.

Are Your Solo Ads Getting Good Results?

List – Offer – Copy – Design.
Here are critical factors to increase your chances that your solo ads perform and give you the results you desire.

Don’t let all this confuse you though. The only real purpose of your solo ad is to get your prospects to “click” your link. Your ‘solo ads’ sales funnel does the rest. 

Here are four tried and tested principles on Solo Ads funnels that have worked the best over time.

Pick The Right List

If that’s not obvious enough then imagine the Republicans sending an email to a list of Democrats asking for votes. It’s just not to going to work.

It’s an absolute must and no matter how good you offer is. No matter what an amazing bargain it might be and how helpful it is – if you pick the wrong list – it’s game over before you get started.


Pick the right lists to offer your solo ads and you have a chance.

Even if you email a terrible offer with bad copy and terrible design – you still have a chance if you pick the right list. It could work.

Target Qualified Prospects

So the first thing you must do is think about the kind of person who would buy your products and be interested in your services. Where do they hang out? What lists are they likely to be on? Think carefully and research that person on forums.

Picture them in your mind and create a simple profile of what they look like. What they see, hear, say, think and do. How old they? What problems do they have? What are their biggest fears and frustrations? Are they scared? What keeps them awake at night? And so on.

If you are in the weight loss market and want to buy Solo Ads then go find the list owners in that niche. Then narrow it down to those who appeal to your target market. The more specific you can be, the better. For example, you could find someone with a list of women who want to lose weight.

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Or you could find someone with a list of women who have had a baby and want to lose weight and get back to their normal selves. You might find a list of over-weight diabetic women looking to lose weight so they can get pregnant. That market exists too.

The more specific you can be with your list selection, the better.

When you know exactly who you are trying to target then you can strike up a conversation with list owners and ask them if they think their list is a good match for your products.

If you’re wondering why the list owner would help you, that’s simple Most list owners I know only want to send out relevant offers to their list.

They know they should treat their list like gold and they don’t want to damage the responsiveness of their list by sending out irrelevant solo ads.

Make Them A Sweet Offer

The second most important factor is your offer. In the internet marketing world, most Solo Ad providers prefer to link to a free offer in the ad they send to their list. It usually makes more sense for you to link to a free gift in your Solo mailing anyway so you can build your list. It just gets better results.

If you want to link to a paid offer in your email then you might want to ask for advice from the Solo Ads provider. They may allow it or they may have a different pricing structure.

If you link to a sales page you only have one chance to make the sale. If you give away a freebie and build your list you have multiple chances to make the sale. You can build a relationship and cultivate trust.

You can market to that subscriber as on long as their alive and still subscribed to your list. Your free gift should be something with widespread appeal because initially, you want to attract and get as many people onto your list as possible.

It should also be something unique or have a unique twist. A new method or an unusual story about how you discovered this information is perfect.

This will become your unique selling proposition (your USP). What makes you or your product different to the others out there? Everyone loves quick and easy, so anything that makes life quicker and easier is usually a good start.

And make sure your offer is a no-brainer. Your offer is so good they’d be stupid not to take you up on it. Make them an offer they can’t refuse. Perhaps a paid-product for free or something so quirky and unusual they just have to join your list to find out more and satisfy their curiosity.

The Optin Form or Squeeze Page

Now on the other side of your opt-in form — when people have joined your list — you will start presenting them with paid offers. The same principles will apply.

Make these offers a no-brainer where the value is off the chart. To help maximize the number of sales your free and paid offer should be related. The free offer could basic information while the paid-offer could be a more complete solution.

Your free offer could presell the paid offer by giving away partial but incomplete information. If your free product was a new method on how to drive traffic using YouTube for then your paid product could be how to monetize that traffic.

Frank Kern has done this with great success by giving away free information on list building. The product he was actually selling was on how to build a relationship with that list so you could profit from that list so you could profit from it.

Or perhaps you offer a done-for-you service where you charge a fee to set up their system, build their website or optimize their systems. A great example here would be an SEO copy that gives away free information on how to rank in Google and offers to make your life easier by doing it for you for $97 a month, or a one-time fee of $397.

The options are endless but the idea is to get your system working together like cogs in a machine. Then you oil and tweak it for efficiency.

Better Copy = More Subscribers + More Sales


Solo Ads – What Are They? Tips On How To BUY a Solo Ad

Sending leads to your offer is great, but you must not make the mistake of not following up those leads with a email series. This is how you can keep selling to your new list.

This list is now a very valuable asset for your business.

Don’t send your clicks directly to an affiliate link. You must get a name and email address from your landing / capture / Squeeze page. A very good tool I use  to build a landing page is Click Funnels. Get a Click Funnels FREE 14 day trial.

What is a Solo Ad

Solo Ad is traffic generation strategy where you can contact different email list owners and pay them for guaranteed clicks from their list.

They will send out an email to their list on your behalf with links to your offer.

Copy is third on the list.

Your copy is the words on your website and in your emails. It’s the script you read on your video sales letters. And it’s the way you communicate with your subscribers.

The key to writing profit pulling copy is – quite simply – knowing your customer inside out.

Then selling with emotion and backing that up with logic. The best definition I’ve heard for copywriting is salesmanship in print. It’s job is to turn traffic into subscribers or sales.

Your website does the exact same job as a salesman and does it 24 hours a day. It can speak to thousands of people per hour while a salesman might only speak to one. It’s salesmanship in print multiplied!

But to hire a top-gun copywriter will set you back 4 or maybe 5 figures. You can at least get started writing your own solo ads very cheap.

There are hundreds of very expensive courses on the internet teaching you how to write copy but the best way to get started is by picking up a good old fashioned book written by one of the masters.

And if you’ve not got the time to start learning right now then stand in front of someone (or pretend to stand in front of a prospect) and start selling face to face.

Record your sales pitch, tidy it up and then transcribe it into the written word. You’ve turned a sales pitch into the written word. Salesmanship in print.

Lastly It’s About Your Design.

There are three specific times design will affect your Solo Ad: 1. Your email 2. Your squeeze page 3. Your sales page.

We’re going to focus on the Solo Ad email itself… Your Solo Ad vendor might use HTML and they might use text emails. The majority of the time they are likely to stick to good old .txt emails but just in case here’s a little information on HTML emails and why you should consider testing using them versus plain old .txt with your own autoresponder.

If they use HTML then it might look the same as a text email or they be using a HTML template that looks nice . While we all like things to look nice you – as a direct response marketer – are only concerned with what works.

If they’ll be sending out a HTML template then find out what it looks like (or sign-up to their list and check it out). The problem with HTML emails is that some email software and some phones won’t necessarily display them the same or download all the content.

On some smart phones the links in a HTML email may not work. The link is displayed but the reader cannot click on it and that can affect your results. It is possible to receive an email from an expert email marketer who sent a HTML email with unclickable links.

And like most people I’m on a lot of lists and get a lot of email. I’m busy. Copying and pasting a link into my browser is a pain and an extra step, so that’s a potential sale lost for ever. Make it as simple as possible for your readers to take the actions you want them to take.

Another aspect to consider when looking at the design of your emails, your websites and any other advertising is where would you like your readers focus to be?

If your text is doing the selling then any images or design features that don’t aid the selling and take the eye away from the text is a no-no. That’s why simple is often best.

The most important thing is that your email can be read quickly and easily.

So if your Solo Ads provider is sending your email out as good old fashioned text then you’ve probably got very little to worry about!

The design of your squeeze page and sales page is critically important.

Like your emails, simple is often best and it’s important you keep your readers attention and lead them to your most wanted response. That will be the opt-in and later the sale.

This is where I strongly recommend you go back and pick up one of those old school marketing books or at least read Claude Hopkins “Scientific Advertising” which you can download for free online and read in a couple of hours.

A squeeze page will usually consist of your Headline, Bullets, some body copy, and a call to action Opt-in form.

Your headline must capture attention and encourage your visitors to read on and find out more.

The body copy and bullets sell benefits not features and your call to action tells them exactly what to do next (eg. Enter their name and email address in your form).

Like your emails – keep it simple, stay focused on your primary objective (to capture their details) and remember to always focus on your visitors and how you can help them (never you).

The best way to truly maximize and find out the best offer, copy and design for both your squeeze pages and sales pages is with split testing.

Test, Test, Test And Test some more…


Don’t just wait around for traffic from Google and Facebook ads. Try Solo Ads to get high-quality traffic to your offer. So why not join Udimi today.


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