How to Create Buyer’s Guide Blog Posts to Drive Sales and Rank High

It can be difficult to create buyer’s guide blog posts and long-form content. In this video, I show you the basic method for creating a buyers guide that will help your SEO efforts. Long-form buyer guides that target short-tail and long-tail keywords are vital when you want to rank high on Google. What you need to do is focus on showing people the best possible products and services that they can purchase. Your consumers are many times looking for the top-rated products and expert opinions on what they are purchasing. It is your job to make sure they get everything they need so you can sell them your own products or refer them to affiliates.

1. Find Long-Tail Keywords: Use the Google Keyword Planner, Google Search, and Keywords Everywhere to Find Long-Tail Keywords.

2. Create An Outline: List the Long-Tail Keywords and Create Headings for Different Styles, Brands, Types, Specs, Colors, Themes, etc.

3. Start Your Guide With Subcategories: Use the Long-Tail Keywords List to Create Subcategories.

4. List Top-Rated Products after Subcategories: List the Best Products After Listing Subcategories. Consumers want Top-Rated Products.

5. Provide Additional Helpful Information: Expand on Styles, Brands, Types, Specs, Colors, Themes, etc.

6. Keep Your Buyer’s Guide Up to Date with Relevant Products and Information.

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