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How to Choose the Best Messaging App to Boost Your Business [Infographic]

Being a kid born in the 80s, there was no such thing as a “messaging app” when I was growing up.

Everything was done over the phone or with dial-up internet. Yes, I said dial-up.

However, with smartphones, the messaging app world has grown up and become quite diverse. Between Snapchat, Facebook, Whatsapp, and others, there looks like there is no stopping it in the near future.

There are a ton of messaging apps out there, and according to Hubspot, messaging apps have over 5 billion ACTIVE monthly users.

Just sitting here thinking about it is crazy, but  then I look down at my phone and see how many I have installed and realize I am definitely part of that stat.

Businesses are starting to see people spending more and more time on messaging apps than social media or even on voice calls. In fact, 49.4 percent of people would rather talk to a business through messaging than phone. (Guilty here on that too.)

If you aren’t already working on adding a messaging app to your marketing plan, you probably should have started that yesterday. Don’t get stuck behind the curve, be at the forefront.

I’m sure there are questions that are coming to your mind as you are reading this like:

How do I know what app is right for my business? Should venture in to using more than one messaging app? What would I use these apps for?

These are all great questions. Fortunately, Text Magic put together a great infographic that will help you figure out the right app for your business.

Yes, you should potentially be using more one than messaging app, to help you reach your brand’s full potential. These apps can help you anywhere from promoting a new service and launching a new product to creating targeted actionable ads and getting the world out there.

Here are some quick notes taken from the infographic.

B2B Companies Slack is the main internal communications platform for many businesses. 70% of Fortune 100 companies use it. B2C Companies (Targeting Worldwide) Facebook Messenger is the most install instant messaging app so far. It allows sending texts, videos, images, making calls, sending money, and more. Kik. This is #1 messaging app for teenagers. It allows sending text messages, images, GIFs emojis. B2C and B2B Companies (Targeting Europe and Other International Countries) WhatsApp is the #1 instant messaging app in 107 countries. It Allows sending texts, voice and video calls, exchanging media, and location. B2C Companies (Targeting Millennials) Snapchat allows sending texts, making video calls, and also exchanging images and videos that self-delete in 24 hours. Despite competition from Instagram, Snapchat is still the highest in use. 76% of Snapchat users like to shop online. ALL Business (That Need To Reach Their Clients Fast) SMS (Text Messaging) Regardless of your industry, SMS is a huge opportunity. It messaging doesn’t need an internet connection. That’s why SMS still holds 3rd place in terms of global usage.


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