How Kevin Harrington Stopped Donald Trump’s Temper Tantrum

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I realize that subject line sounds like it belongs on one of the more colorful websites and not on a post about internet marketing.

Nevertheless, this is the extremely entertaining story I have in store for you today … and there is a great marketing lesson to be had from this too!

You have probably heard of Kevin Harrington … he was one of the original Sharks on the hit TV-show “Shark Tank” and the inventor of the infomercial.

A while back Kevin managed to get a meeting with Donald Trump. However, when he showed up, Trump was in the middle of one of his infamous temper tantrums – kicking people out of his office left, right and center.

Kevin was able to adapt on the fly and instead of getting kicked out too, he was able to immediately calm Trump down, got his full attention, pitch him … and just 4 minutes later he walked away with a deal worth 25 million dollars!

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This is a fantastic story … watch this to learn the full story.

Kevin Harrington is a master of the Perfect Pitch and watching him analyze his pitch to Donald Trump will arm you with some insights that will allow you to instantly start selling more to all your prospects and customers.

You might be asking why Kevin is sharing this with you today. The fact is that he has decided to start a new chapter of his life … sharing his experience and knowledge to empower people like you and allow you to achieve incredible success in business and life. Kevin does a great job at explaining this himself in this must watch [Video]

When you sign up for free instant access to the “Donald Trump” video today you will also get access to all of Kevin’s future content … including free access to an exclusive webinar and Facebook live session where you can ask Kevin question directly!

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I highly recommend that you go watch this

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