Here Are My 16 New Comics That Hopefully Will Change The Perspective On Alligators

I created a heartwarming comic about an alligator called ‘Buddy Gator’ to spread some positive vibes. Some of us may have a difficult time now, but I believe that as long as we have someone to stand by us, everything will be alright.

Buddy Gator is a good and friendly alligator. Maybe we all need a buddy like him when we in a hard time.

More new comics are coming in the near future! If you are interested, you can find my previous posts here and here on Bored Panda.

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#1 On Duty#2 Champion#3 Pancake#4 Fly A Kite, Underwater#5 Have A Nice Day#6 Let Go#7 AGT: The MVP Brothers#8 AGT: The Fire Engine#9 AGT: Sky Painter#10 I’m Lucky#11 Dinner#12 Rushing For The Class#13 Jumping Rope#14 Rescue#15 Second Wish#16 Not Your Problem

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