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Business Mistakes: When to Apologize (And When to Keep Your Mouth Shut)

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0:05 Businesses make mistakes all the time, you’ve made mistakes in the past as well, and do you believe that companies should always apologize or should they be unapologetic for things that they do, I mean, how do you feel about that dynamic?

0:15 As a business, you’re going to make mistakes. It’s inevitable, and it’s just a question of time. Some of these mistakes are going to go about where people know about them, some of them, no one’s going to know about them. But here’s the thing, if you’re getting a lot of flack for it, and it’s a subject where it’s like really opinionated, but there’s no real right or wrong or some people feel it’s right, some people think it’s wrong, the best thing to do is just keep your mouth shut and not discuss it. Because creating more press about it creates more controversy and it brings more attention.

1:00 If you did something wrong, like let’s think about Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica situation where they had a hack, a lot of dates got released, and they’ve known about it for a long time, but you know, they’ve never really brought it to people’s attention, you have no choice but to get in front of it and apologize. Because it’s an issue where you’re wrong.

1:40 In situations like that, you’re better off to keep your mouth shut and not discuss anything because it’ll eventually die down. But if you’re in the wrong like the Facebook Cambridge Analytica situation or, do you remember the old school Comcast situation where there was a Comcast tech who went to a person’s house to fix the issues, right?

2:00 And to fix it, he also had to call Comcast himself as a tech and get on the phone with the headquarters, and he was on wait for like 40 minutes, and it was so long he accidentally fell asleep on the person’s couch. And the dude who lived there recorded it and was like Comcast technician falls asleep on my couch. Now, it’s not right, but the real problem is like it wasn’t the technician’s fault, it was Comcast’s fault for having terrible service. When your technicians call in, they should have priority. But that’s something that you have no choice but to apologize for and Comcast had so many issues, they eventually just changed their name from Comcast to Xfinity, right.

2:45 In general, if it’s polarizing and there’s no real right or wrong, and it’s, everyone’s going to have their own opinions, keep your mouth shut, let it die down. If there’s something that you did wrong, apologize.

3:45 Tim Sykes takes their comments, and he’ll dish it right back out to them. And that works really well, and that’s built him a cult-like following of his loyal fans, and they’ll promote him, they’ll talk about him in a positive way, because his results are good, but you’re going to get comments at the same time, and yeah, you can end up going after the comments and telling people, like oh no, you’re wrong, and this is that, and you can leverage it to your advantage, but it’s polarizing.

4:00 It’ll either help you, or it’s going to hurt you, and I don’t like taking that risk. So if you like this video, like, comment, share, I do appreciate it, and if I can ever do anything to help you out genuinely, even if it’s giving you some advice, I don’t care for the money, Just leave a comment below and I will do my best to try to help you out and answer all your questions. Thank you for watching.

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